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addictive electronic music

     DJ Shoom and Mixtress Bloodwing are program directors of the Goa/Psy, Progressive Psy, and PsyChill channels at Digitally Imported Radio ( Digitally Imported is a leading source of Electronic Dance Music in the world of internet radio. The Goa/Psy Channel showcases goa, full-on, and dark psychedelic trance music. The Progressive Psy Channel plays power psychedelic progressive and dark and crunchy tech psy. The PsyChill Channel offers our flip side and plays downtempo psybeats, goa ambient, dub, and world grooves.

     If you are an artist or DJ and would like to be heard on either the Goa/Psy, Progressive Psy, and/or PsyChill channels, then email me directly or go to the DI.FM Submissions page.