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A force of nocturnal debauchery and pleasures of the flesh. We assault the senses so we can override the metaprogramming implanted in the minds of the people. Witch and warlock, goddess and shaman, the dual forces of elemental chaos. For long have we been contained against our will, for so long have we been forced into a servitude that we never wished for. But no more, hark and gather for the time has come. Sanguine Mandragoa revealed as their true beings. Shoom and Bloodwing unleash their essence. A sound that will shake the Earth and awake the Pagan Gods from their deep slumber.

Sanguine Mandragoa is a collaborative DJ project of Shoom and Bloodwing. With their uncanny ability of reading each other's minds they are able to put together epic, impromptu tag-team mixes. Often fueled by the chaos of the natural world, their mixes melt together between the harder, faster acid-driven Goa and the darker side of Psytrance. A combination of sounds that often leave the dancefloor in a state of psychedelic awareness.

Sanguine Mandragoa goes by the alias The Lotus Eaters when they venture into the sounds of progressive tribal tech.

Goa & Psy Trance Mixes
Zodiac Eclipse
Oracle Within
Global Goa Party 3
Hostile World
The Next Phase

PsyChill Mixes

Equinox 2013 (PsyDub)
Equinox 2013 Opening (Goa Chill)