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Culture of Money

     Why do we work? As humans beings we are entities of nature. Thus we should live as nature does. Yet we do not. Millions of people organize every day in order to get paid, but no one organizes to be freed. Why is this? Is it money that you are after? Is that why you work?

     Indeed you can say that you need to work in order to survive. You need to have money in order to live. But, do you? Money will not feed you. It will not quench your thirst. It is a an illusion that satifies your craving for freedom. It is this notion that your enslavement to capitalism and your submission to the system has benefits. But money will not sustain you. If you are working for money that will buy you food, water, and shelter, then you are working for food, water, and shelter.

     Slaves work for food, water, and shelter. Are we slaves? It is true that I can buy things, and this "freedom" gives me a sense of individuality and a place in society. But what is it giving me? What have I accomplished through materialistic gain?

     Buying things does not give you freedom. Countries do not give you freedom. You do not need to "thank" the American government for your "freedoms." You are born free. The government takes away all of your freedom. Then, they give some of it back, depending on their preferences. They force you into debt. You must work your way out of it. This is slavery.

     If a slave is paid, he is still a slave, for he can never leave his position in society. "But wait," you say, "I can change jobs whenever I want. Therefor I am in control, I am not a slave."

     But you cannot terminate your labor. Just because they give you choices, doesnt mean you have free will. The freedom of living as a human being in tune with nature and following the rise of the sun and waning of moon is forbidden to us all. Nature has been made illegal. One cannot simply reject labor and the workforce. You cannot stay home and grow your own food if you can't afford the land and house to live in. You cannot go out and hunt and gather for food, since the land is not ours but our governent's. We are living on borrowed land and borrowed time. Soon the governments of the world will take it back, and the population's stagnant minds will be no match for the upcoming oppression.

     Freedom of thought is denied. If our minds are not free, then how our are bodies?