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Concerning the Cyborganism

     The cyborg is a construction of body and mind independently. We built the Artificial Conciousness, or AC, and then implanted the chip into the cyborg built body. The question is of identify. Who is this cyborg?

     The human is mostly thought to be a bio-construction with body and mind completely dependent on one another. Nearly all religions distinguish a 'soul' from the body, and even psychology finds logic with senses of "ego" and "id". If we had technology to take the brain of one human (Person A) and put it into the body of a different human (Person B) who looks completely different, then can we say Person A is Person B or do we say that Person B is Person A? Or is it simply neither?

     If you destroy a cyborg's body, its metal frame, its physical self in the universe, but are able to save the AC Chip you could plug this chip into a mainframe or supercomputer, and the conciousness, the Self of the cyborg, is still alive. This allows it to endure over time when its physical manifestation in the universe is gone.

     In this case, the phyisical body of cyborg is a variable and its true identity over time is the data inside the AC Chip.

     Are living organisms actually machines already? Our DNA is data.

     If a cyborg is created, and then all entities whom were involed in the creation of this cyborg (for example the human race) vanished, the cyborg would not be aware of the fact that it was created and could think it was actually born. If it discovers a way to make a new cyborg through some technology it can create a new cyborg, the parent cyborg simply sees this as natural reproduction of its species. Even if a cyborg is knowingly using a machine, it believes the machine is natural.