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Where has the ritual gone?

     The trance dance ritual is the most sacred of human cultural activities. It is the instinctual night gathering of mankind under the guidance of the full moon and the endless knowledge hidden amongst the black sky. Shamanism teaches through the archaic art of ecstasy, and these cerimonial gatherings are the oppurtunity for man to reflect on the natural world which exists around him.

     In the modern world, such ritual has been lost, and in most places banned, persecuted, and demonized. Why is the natural world and the natural way of life always degraded and humilated? What is so wrong with it?

     Babylon, the agricultural dominating societies of the world, rely upon the control of its citizens. It relies upon classism. It cannot function if people are equal, and it cannot function in a world where love prevails. The powers who run the false governments across the globe need hate and fear. By using these emotions they can bind the people into their services, they offer protection and food and shelter and peace, but they take your freedom, they take your consciousness, they take your life.

     Western society promotes capitalism. They make the absurd claims that capitalism is the equivalence of freedom. I am free because I can buy things I don't need? It is such a ridiculous statement, and yet the whole world adheres to it, pledges by it, and will kill others for it.

     But it is not just the men of the West. It is also the men of the East, the North, and the South; all followers of false gods and false messiahs, all claiming to have our salvation and our best interests in mind. But they only have their own interests in mind, as it was when the Kings ruled and their courts were the only people who had anything, such are we living in the court of America, oblivous the suffering of the world around us.

     Governments are in the business of deceit. They are not trying to help you. They are trying to make money off you. Our forefathers did this. They enslaved an entire population (and eradicated another) so that they could have a country. And so conservatives and liberals, two sides of the same corrupt coin, speak of our glorious history, of our forefathers who were the true aspects of freedom and courage! Not one of these so-called great men were great. They were slave masters and murderers.

     And again, it is not only America, but all agricultural dominating societies. The world is Babylon. All civilizations that have risen on this Earth have fallen. But the diminishing aboriginal populations, they continue their ancient cultures, they beat the same drums, they watch us as we destroy the planet and destroy ourselves. If we don't listen to them, if we don't listen to the sacred Mother Earth and her Plant Teachers, not only will our world-society fall, we will take the planet in its entirety with us.